Angove, Butterfly Ridge Riesling Gewurztraminer

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750 ml

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Wine experts say this White wine shows a surplus of oak, at least for now, although it may soften with age. It features ripe apricot and pear notes, with plenty of vanilla and spice. It did not undergo malolactic fermentation, so there`s plenty of acidity. This is a lovely, sparkling wine, floral in aroma and succulent in flavor. Succulent, fruity and lush, it has silky layers of green melon, citrus, vanilla and ginger, with a brisk acidic edge. This Merlot has earthy, rooty cherry and dried herb aromas, rich, mouthfilling texture and a sweetcake-like flavor, the texture is soft and generous. This full-bodied, blend of grapes from a new Hughes vineyard has oaky, toasty aromas and a thick, rich texture. In between oaky are some fine tannins and hints of spicy chocolate and cocoa.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it should. It`s refreshing in white nectarine and citrus flavors, dry in style and crisp in acidity, with refined dry-farmed tannins and a gentle scour of body and acidity. From Tasmania, the island`s iconic reds, this wine shows lush, forward flavors of raspberries, cherries, currants, raisins, aniseignon and white pepper. It`s all framed in a core of sweet, soft tannins and just a touch of oak. Made from 100% Chardonnay, it`s already throwing some sediment. This reserve is the best of Soto`s 2007 Chardonnays, and if there is a quibble with oaky, buttery or garlic-infused nectarine or apricot sauce, it is here. The crisp acids and creamy mouthfeel have made the wine rich, brisk and smooth, with the impression of sugar on the lingering finish.
Wine experts say this White wine shows the right stuff. It`s peppery and sizzling, and as usual, the oak is city-grown, a touch grassy in flavor but well-scented. The body is medium bodied, the texture smooth and textured, and the finish lingers for at least four years. A fine effort in a cool year with crisp, citrusy aromas and mouth-filling fruit flavors and only light acidity. Brilliant acidity brightens the rich fruits, giving balance to the wine, and a tangy, tangy edge. Classic Weinert wine, a touch wet, light, perfumed, it has crisp, sliced-apple flavors. This is only the second time the wine has been aged in 15% new oak. It is perfumed, fragrant, practically decadent.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised at affordable prices. It`s dry, crisp in acidity and ultrarefined, with peppery flavors of raspberries, cherries and orange peel. Surreal, explosive and clean. This is a pretty good Cabernet, showing the elegance and complexity that Napa Loire wants from a this quality. It`s a wonderful wine, rich and complex, and the flavors are rich and lush, suggesting ripe blackberries, cassis, raisins, licorice and Dr. Pepper. But it`s not really dry. A 60-40 blend of Nero d`Avola and Nerello Mascalese, this shows a bright and traditional style. It`s a dry, softly lush wine with bright raspberry, cherry, cocoa and cedar flavors, and the tannins are quite firm. More than four years of aging have not shaken off the good acidity.

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