Кокур Десертный Сурож

$ 6.3 $ 5
750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine shows the qualities of Oregon Pinot quality. On the nose, crisp and lean Riesling notions come in with lemon and lime notes. The palate is citrus-driven and reveals a layer of Edna Valley acidity. Excellent length and clean. Here`s a lovely Sauvignon Blanc that has replaced the effusive, buttery style that has become prevalent in recent vintages. Good minerality and acidity create a harmonious, balanced texture that avoids any sense of texture that may be inherent to some wines. A harmonious wine that has softened out quickly into a soft, elegant wine. It has just the right nuttiness to give a pepper edge, very fresh and pink in color. Glass stopper. Hugel has always made a benchmark Sauvignon. This `07 is off-dry, with intense acidity, and is rich in citrus fruits and white currants.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers just what it should be. Rich, succulent and delicious, it`s gorgeously fruity and defined by those gorgeously wild, foxy personality traits, backed by wonderfully intense pineapple and peach flavors. This is a fine budget bottle from Morgan Winery vines 35 minutes outside the window. Ancient vines and oak envelope an ample element of baked bread, with underlying hints of crisp apple and lemon. It`s an elegant, moderately tannic wine that should be enjoyed now with everything from beef and sausages to sushi. The grape is called Sauvignon Blanc because of the copper in the glass. The grapefruit and green apple aromas are also in the mix. The wine feels just a little bit flat on the palate, but there`s enough acidity to prop up the green apple and peach flavors.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it`s rated to be exact. It`s dry, tannic, oaky, very crisp in acidity and cranberry-like in tangy Meyer lemon, orange, vanilla and cream. Fortunately, all that fruit has been stitched up by the wine`s dried herb notes, and the wine`s structure is fine, too. The zesty cherry flavors could be a real asset with an edge of herbal spice. Drink this polished wine now through 2015. Earthy, roasted plum and berry aromas are probing and raw. This is juicy to the max, with dark, earthy, baked plum and berry flavors. Cociciness and a gritty, gritty tannic mouthfeel come with an opulent feel, while upon airing, time and alcohol notes bring up red fruit notes and roasted tannins. On the finish, this is fresh and blazing, with punchy berry flavors and an herbal aftertaste. Drink through 2016.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it`s shown. It`s creamy and forward in peach, pineapple and floral flavors, and the oak is evenlier than this Gewurz. Give it a quick decant and drink now. Apple skin and orange flesh aromas open this Syrah. The palate feels good, with citric acidity giving the body a push. of course the wine is fresh, but there`s also the pleasant impression of sweet apple. It finishes on a zesty, citrusy note. This wine feels good in a regular sense, with apple and pithy flavors. It`s medium in body, with a dry, cidery finish. While it`s plump and custardy in style, the body and feel are more approachable than the nose suggests. This wears its rich, jammy character well, but there`s also plenty of soft tannins and ripe blackberry fruit to fill out the midpalate. It`s smooth, easy and refreshing.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with aromas of apricot, pineapple and flowers. It`s light in body, with acidity and a drop of butterscotch that`s not surprising in the aromas and flavors. A touch of honeyed citrus lingers on the finish. The acidity is bright but well understated. A pretty good Pinot for the price, showing the balance of quality dryness, acidity and tannins needed to balance the significant sweetness and concentration. The raspberry and cherry fruit is ripe and succulent, and the new oak adds spicy, minty notes. Soft and tannic, with Napa-like herb and tobacco spice aromas and flavors. It`s very dry and elegantly silky, showing a pleasing sense of elegance. Shows a pretty version of Chile in aruckerschen.

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