Tommasi Bosco del Gal Custoza White Dry

$ 19.6 $ 14
750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers just what consumers love about New World Zoncloths. It`s soft and velvety, with ripe black cherry, prune, barnyard, chocolate and pepper flavors. Give it a good decant and drink now. Rich and opulent, packed with ripe fruit, sweet tannins and balancing acidity. At the age of four-plus years, it`s as fresh as any Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in memory. Ends with the essence of raspberries. We`ve noticed traces of spice but didn`t realize this could be this rich. While it`s delicious, there`s a certain treiness and bitterness that comes from the ripeness of the fruit. Try aging it for a few more years to let the ripeness come through. Pretty much a successful repeat of the winery`s `09. It`s dry and crisp, with mineral-driven flavors of citrus rind, honey and tea.

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