Titulus Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Classico

$ 2.46 $ 2
750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s dry, crisp in acidity and ultrarefined, with flavors of lime skin, cranberry and strawberries. Earns extra credit for the sheer audacity of quality fruit. Aromas of bees wax and Chardonnay are simplistic. This wine seems subdued and quite sweet, without much spine or foundation. In the mouth, it`s soft and syrupy. Nothing fancy, just basic apple and pear flavors are cut by a lemon-lime finish. This wine is somewhat neutral, but otherwise pleasant for the price. It`s light and airy, with plum and herb aromas matched by mild herb and raspberry flavors. Dusty tannins and a medicinal note control the finish. Dull and reduced in red cherry, this well-crafted Crianza struggles to keep up. Partially grown in the Douro Valley, it is heady and heavy.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with aromas of apricot, pineapple and fresh apricot. Omniwines and limes pick up the winemaker`s attention, and the wine is delectably fruity in pineapple and orange flavors. A very dry, earthy wine, with a briary, brambly element that dominates the fruit. It`s edgy, tannic, and very dry, leaving just a core of blackberry and tobacco flavors. Easy to drink, and it has the structure to win over a range of palates. This Bordeaux-style red blend from New Jersey has a heady, perfumed perfume that dominates the bouquet. The palate is earthy and leathery, with smacking acidity and firm tannins. It comes across as a bit raw and quaffable, but it`s not unbalanced.

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