Soave Schenk Italia

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750 ml

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Wine experts say this White wine presents a great challenge. Its aromas are “forced”—forceful and definitely reflective of the vintage, of the Adelaide Hills vineyard`s volcanic soils. There`s cola, red fruit, smoke and mineral touches, and the wine finishes crisp and clean. But the flavors are also quite tropical, with pineapple, guava and crushed peppercorn flavors. Drink this wine now for its sheer youthful ferocity, or wait for the 2010. The blend is 40% higher alcohol than the vineyard-designated bottling. Does that mean this is a bit heavier than the rest of the 2009 lineup? Not really. It`s a very dominated wine, with wild dashes of black cherries and black pepper, braced by a stony, earthy minerality. But the structure—firm tannins and wild blackberries, dried mulberry, licorice, tobacco, cedar and pepper—isn`t there yet.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s light and smooth in the mouth, with simple but clean white fruit and citrus flavors. Composed on the back palate and balanced by an herbal edge. Finishes fresh, but tastes a little flat. Black cherry and raspberry aromas come with spice and earth notes. The feel on this medium-bodied wine is definition, while minty berry flavors are towards the lean side. The finish is chunky and tastes herbal, with a green note. Meant to provide value, this value wine also offers plenty of structure, as well as fresh acidity. It has a light touch of acidity, a herbal character, and a spicy character. It`s not a wine for aging. Strong wood sensations come through to give good, fresh acidity, as well as red berry fruits. The wine also has a fresh element, with fine tannins and a light spicy aftertaste.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. The aromas of vanilla, cured meat, green herbs and peach are like those of a good Chardonnay, while the flavors are like those of a toasty, creamy dessert wine. There`s roundness and balance on the palate, but also friendly fruitiness. Pair with stews, cheeseburgers, grilled chicken. Full back in 2010, this is still a very good Cabernet. It has the classic smoky smokiness of the appellation, but it is showing a little more fruit, and a hint of structure, shaping up into a rounder, more mouthfilling and certainly more serious wine. The flavors are rich, up front and fresh, with a pretty good concentration of red and black fruit. Needs some time to maturity. Best after 2011. Thanks to its acidity-rich character, this full-bodied wine has weight and ripe red fruits.

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