Sauvignon Collio

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with a potent, earthy, leathery bouquet and loads of baked, savory fruit. Gamy, chewy fruit flavors and a savory, earthy, minerally finish are determined and concentrated, with a hint of tea-like bitterness that lingers on the finish. It shows good concentration and power, but has the acidity to stand up to pastas. Distinctive Dry and Sauvignon Blanc aromas provide a brightness to the bouquet, with accents of green melon and gooseberry. It`s light and lithe on the palate, with refreshing flavors of tangy green melon and lime, but has a savory, stony edge that comes across characteristic of Sancerre. One of the two estates in the Douro still owned by the producer, this estate is also a vineyard of considerable depth and richness. It has produced a ripe wine, solid and concentrated, concentrated and with aging potential.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with aromas of peach blossom, grapefruit pith and slight nectarine zest. Sweet-tasting and fresh, it finishes refreshingly and pleasantly complex. Tropical aromas revolve around lychee and orange marmalade aromas. This wine is citrusy, with just enough solid fruit to support the heat. Flavors of lychee, lychee and melon finish fairly long, with lychee, honeydew and peach notes. Hints of smoke and toast mingle into fresh apple notes on this lean, brisk but very refreshing Chardonnay. Fresh and minerally on the palate, it`s vibrant, steely and spry with a clean finish. Precise yellow grapefruit pith, gooseberry and minerally notes show on the nose of this zesty wine. Low in acidity, it`s refreshingly quaffable.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it`s presented. Aromas of violets, black licorice, blackberry and baking spice are followed by plentiful dark-fruit flavors. It quintes, quintes. What a great, full-bodied wine. It is luminous in color, with a lovely purity and richness. Lemon sherbet and ripe orange and apricot flavors are joined by floral notes of violet and sweet rose petal. This wine delivers great elegance and class. This reserve-level Cabernet Franc is bone-dry and tannic, with massive varietal flavors of blackberry and currant. Massive in new French oak that has burned off, leaving behind a astringent, earthy, astringent finish. Needs time. Should begin to come into its own by 2015. The nose is very shy but the palate is equally shy.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with a lean, elegant character and layers of earth and green olive. The aromas don`tre pas, but the flavors offer character and finesse, with a light touch of toast and cracked pepper accents. This is a light wine, attractively fruity with peach and apricot flavors. Intense acidity gives a fine kick to the texture, while a squeeze of lemon is added for an edge of crispness. The aftertaste is crisp, strong and refreshing. A marvelous wine, this single-vineyard bottling has not been missed. It`s packed with delicious flavors of citrus, tropical fruits, green apples, vanilla and honey. It`s dry and refined, but enormously complex. A marvelous Pinot, certainly the best of the Girly Girl 2012 Pinot Noirs from Lauren Judd.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. The aromas of apricot, melon and herb are clean, floral and intense. And the flavors of grapefruit, orange and peach are sweet but persist into a long finish, making it a great apéritif. This is a really good value, a good value at a bargain basement price. It is dry, firm and bone dry, with complex flavors of pineapples, pears, green apples, vanilla meringue pie, vanilla custard and crème brûlée. Crisp acidity makes it clean and crisp. Production was 1,685 cases. A blend of 66% Syrah and 34% Cabernet Sauvignon, this is exceedingly aromatic, with notes of sweet smoke, mint, cocoa powder and secondary-grape flavors. Give it until 1965 to see it at its best; at least it`s a little more elegant.

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