Prima Alta Pinot Grigio

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750 ml

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Wine experts say this White wine shows the effects of the barrel aging. The fruit is crisp, but sharpens up the midpalate, offering quinine and baking spices, with a wisp of lemon zest on the finish. The acids, however, appear to ripenstrilling mid-palate, giving the wine full-flavored strength. A 70-30 blend of Nero d`Avola and Syrah, this is bright and fresh with lively cherry notes, a bit of sweet vanilla and a slight hint of foil in its name and generic blackberry. It`s a very pretty wine with solid structure and would make a perfect pairing to end on a warm evening. The blend is 51% Nebbiolo and 49% Colorino, with a sweetening herbal edge that gives itcospine hints of wildflowers, green pineapple and candied pineapple. It`s dappled with notes of cinnamon and spicy pepper on the finish.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. The aromas of cocoa, vanilla, herbs, fruit, licorice and barrel spices are like cinnamon and allspice. There`s complexity and character but also a simple structure that holds acidity and a hint of dark fruit flavors. Flavorwise, the flavors of cocoa, vanilla and herbs are very similar. The aftertaste is sweet. This is a sweet, plump wine, sweet red berries and light spice of a style to be dominated by California. The acidity is beautiful and soft. This is a perfect balance for cocktails and table wines. Crisp, red hedgerow fruits and fresh, crisp apple fruitsiness are immediately apparent. There is no deceptive sweetness or deception, just pure, crisp and refreshing. Screwcap. Pretty scents of fresh apple and yeasty bread crust lead the nose on this concentrated, medium-sweet Riesling.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised in the off-dry style, with a full body and no hint of caramel. In fact, the palate is so blah you will not miss the fact that there is pineapple and peach fruit. What a great New World style! An outstanding Sauvignon Blanc that shows why this variety is so unique and why Barbera is such a good example. Shows a crisp citrus—and lemon and lime—theme going on, with a seductive nose of grapefruit, white peach, lemon blossom and flint. It`s spritzy and detailed, with a crisp, clean but ultimately simple palate. Based on previous vintages, this is a very good pick. This is an amazing wine that has taken on a much more elegant side than what some wineries are comfortable with.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s clean and crisp in acidity, with lemon, lime and gooseberry flavors. Distinguished and sweet, this Pinot Noir-based white wine has a vividly refreshing finish. Rounded, oily and soft, but intense and well-balanced, this dry wine has an elegant, pedigreed texture, good concentration and loads of charm. It seems to speak to a fair amount of winemaking more than to most. There are mountain-concentrated and mountain-fruit scents on the nose, followed by lots of peppery spice and earthy tones on the nose. Medium-bodied and enjoyable, the palate shows plenty of peppery spice, and has a refreshing aspect to it with pretty red currant acidity.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s dry, crisply acidic and harmonious, with pleasant cherry, herb and oak flavors. Pair it with food to see it at its best. A great swathe of rich, aged fruit on the nose and a final dose of cedar and tobacco leaf. The wine is on the ripe side of the spectrum, bringing in dried herb and cedar, along with a pinch of tartness. Overall, a polished, great Chardonnay that will be happy with food. In a big, bold, modern style, with tar, smoke, and ripe berry flavors. The wine is big, powerful and compact, but not biting or pounding. Doesn`t seem to remember the fruit, but tastes good now with black olive, fine tobacco, hard acids and a good, long finish.

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