Oronta Verdejo-Macabeo

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750 ml

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Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with aromas of grapefruit pith, nectarine and melon, but backed by well-integrated oak. Lots of acidity marks the finish, making it clean and zesty. Aromas of cherry, blackberry, white chocolate and cinnamon emerge from this bottling, which features artistic labels that always impress the eye. The flavors are more simple, with a touch of pie cherries and a leesy sweetness. This has aromas of honey and white spring flower; flavors are sweet, showcasing orange, lime and vanilla honeydew. It`s a simple wine with a honeyed finish. From the northern-most end of the Haut-Médoc region, this firm wine has some Merlot fruit, although just barely. Inside it all is a hard, tannic grip along with black cherry fruit and a dry core. The tannins promise good things will come through.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it`s shown. It`s crisp in acidity, with ripe flavors of citrus, figs, green apples and pineapple. The oak is subtle, subtle enough not to let the sugar hit such a level, and the finish bears good, clean flavors of apple. The best Still Waters release, this 2007 is a peach and pearling choice to accompany fish and shellfish. It`s a little rough around the edges, but balanced by a finish that`s clean and pretty; hence the name. A lovely, smooth, juicy young Chardonnay. It has lots of creaminess, orange, lime and vanilla flavors, and a rich, umami-like finish. There`s a distinctive old-school tone to this winery`s reds, with fresh-cut tobacco, hard tobacco and a gravelly minerality. The wine is dry and quite substantial on the finish.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it should. It`s dry, brisk in acidity and ultrarefined, with ripe pineapple, citrus and citrus curd flavors. With its fine, delicate mouthfeel, there`s no reason not to consume it this summer with enjoyings of pineapples, orange pith and hints of bitter hazelnut. This is dry, tart and a little angular, with citrus flesh and sour lemony acidity. It has the poise to work with tropical fruit, and fine, offsetting richness gives it importance. This is a lean, austere Cabernet with savory, peppery, roasted flavors of blackberries and currants offset by a herbal streak and a streak of mushrooms. It does offer structure, but it`s delicate. Attractive, soft, with ripe pear and melon flavors. Soft and dry, this is a little ephemeral, as the wine tends to be, with the exception of the `08 vintage.

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