Mozart House Macabeo

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers. It`s dry, brisk in acidity and ultrarefined, offering sharp lime, tangerine and grapefruit flavors, with a citrus- and stone-fruit-driven edge. Not for long-term aging, but great for parties that want a nice, creamy white wine for acid-drenched barbecue. Smoky, earthy and toasty, but also oaky and lush. The nose has a solid foundation of toasted nut, wood spice and black fruit aromas, while the palate is full, tannic and fully acidic, with rich flavors of black fruit and vanilla. Toasty but not too smoky, and it has enough depth to stand out for years. Rich and dense, packed with ripe black fruits, this is an elegant, dry and structured wine. It has weight, but that is balanced by the spice and acidity, the polished tannins and the ripe, hinting acidity. There is a dry core.
Wine experts say this White wine shows the potential of its old vineyard and its excellent acidity. The aromas of fresh, black currant leaf, asparagus and wet earth notes are pleasant, but don`t substitute fruit for careful Garnacha. This is a wine that shows the aging potential of its old vineyard, which was well in use, as this bottling shows. The area around the vineyard is rich with ripe red fruits, blackberries and a mineral character that will need time to soften. It will develop well, but don`t drink before 2020. The cool vintage resulted in an unusually lean and balanced wine, with aromas of asparagus and dried herbs. These lead into flavors of tart yellow currant, kiwi and lemon, with some glazed –like astringency – in the finish. The tannins are nicely smoothed and even partially dry.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it should. It`s dry, brisk in acidity and polished, with lemon, orange and yeasty vanilla flavors. The acidity is refreshing and cool, and the mouthfeel is full and smooth. Pair this wine with richer fare, like cold cuts, lamb chops or spicy, peppered lamb with sage or mushroom. Mildly baked and toasty smelling, with fruit-skin aromas. The palate is round, weighty, chunky and fairly heavy, with almost no discernable faults. Baking spices and wax aromas are up front and don`t conflict with the fruit, while the finish is woody, soft and short. Sharp and tannic, with blackberry, currant, licorice and sandalwood flavors. It`s a tough wine to like. Dry, hard and oaky, with butterscotch and barrel flavors that are a bit vegetal.

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