Morando Gavi White Dry

$ 7.02 $ 6
750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with a creamy texture and aromas of freshly cut peach, melon and papaya. It`s a tad flatter and creamier than you might expect, and probably already has someenella-like freshness, but it lacks the depth and complexity you`d expect. Lean, tight and slightly austere, this is a wine for those cordial-driven Mencía flavors in your cellar. It has-its flavors, acidity and tannins right up front, with cola, cedar and chocolaty oak. Smells like wet hay and honeydew melon, with a little green pepper and soft grapefruit. It`s dry and crisp in acidity, with a little bit of bitterness to the finish. Contains 25% Viognier. Made from Negroamaro, this silky wine has deliciously ripe fruit balanced with a lime-zest tang.

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