Marques de Villanueva, Macabeo, Carinena DO

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine presents itself as dry and straightforward, with acidity upfront and a good mouthfeel to support the grapefruit, apple and pear flavors. It`s demure in concentration but makes up the bulk of what used to be known as “dry.” There are some problems here, beginning with a sandpapery haze that persists into murky toodynamic tannins. The bouquet is a bit piercing and narrow, with a hole in the middle. As it opens, there`s easy notes of raspberry and black plum, while the finish is more of the same. That`s good for $8 red wines. A new wine from Poggio Antico, this Spanish red wine has good concentration and a crisp, fruity aftertaste. With its green highlights, it`s shot through with good acidity that comes through as a firm, solid character. This is a fresh and very pleasant red wine, with a wholesome, flowery character.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it`s shown. It`s dry, but rich, medium-bodied, and complex, with an array of floral and savory fruit flavors. The grapes show well in this warm, light vintage, and the wine should be perfectly ready to drink by the end of 2015. Named for a terrific raspberry dessert, this Pinot Gris offers a lot of simple zing. You`ll find a sprinkling of sour berries, a dash of fresh acidity and a certain minerality, but the two grapes grown together show limits. Soft and chocolaty, this is tightly wound in fresh acidity and gentle mouthfeel. Tart cherry, peppercorn and a hint of espresso complement the fruit, and the tartness masks the richness of the tannins. Mid-gold color. Pronounced and enticing aromas of ripe stone fruit, honey, peach and pineapple.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers. It`s dry, brisk in acidity and tantalizingly fruity, with ripe gooseberry, pear, green tea and orange flavors. For those who relish slightly watery, uncomplicated drinking. Try as an interesting alternative to Sauvignon Blanc or Viognier. Gorgeous red berry and fresh herb aromas waft from the glass. The palate is bright and easy, with creamy strawberry, red cherry, fresh raspberry and just enough vanilla. It`s simple and fresh, but refreshing and certainly lives up to the vinification mantra. Drink now. This wine is soft, sweet and simple. It has too much citrus, so lets spice it up with some more oak. Fresh finish leaves an green aftertaste. There are some odd hints of green pea in the nose, and on the palate, a core of citrus—nectarine, apricot and yellow apple—is presented with bright acidity.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised in terms of quality, but lacks the complexity and typicity that Qupe`s reputation for Napa Cabernet should imply. But it is close. The mouthfeel is chunky and a bit hard, and the flavors are solid but not powerful. The finish is quite short. Citrus, red berry and spice are what this wine and its flavors do best. This is light, fresh and not at all extracted. A good everyday red with a fresh, all-purpose Pinot. Citrus and white pepper aromas start this rich, oaky Chardonnay from Penns Woods. Flavors of apple and peach leap from the glass, and a touch of vanilla opens in the midpalate. The wine is clean and appetizing, but a little stiff in acids and tannins. Shows Woods` hall-end red blend well, with its full-throttle herb, olive and briary flavors.

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