Malvasia Bianca Puglia Poggio Ai Santi Dry

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750 ml

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Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with aromas of peach blossom, citrus zest and even a slight hint of hazelnut. The wine is fresh and fruity, and with a deliciously light texture. There are some dosage-disrupting flavors that add a bit more to the finish. This is a fresh, fruity wine with plenty of citrus flavors. It is bright with red berry fruits and apples that come with a crisp edge of acidity. The wine is ready to drink. Drawn from the Awatere Valley subregion, this wine exhibits some greenness to the nose, coming across as tart and lean. Green berries and grass offer somewhat bland flavors. This is a foamy, simple semisweet tasting wine. frost washes of caramel over the fruit-driven aromas and flavor. It`s a bit sniffier than the nose suggests, but still it conveys pleasant apple and pear flavors.

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