Malvasia Bianca-Chardonnay Puglia Monteiasi Feudo di Santa Croce

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with aromas of pear, apricot and freshly peeled tangerines. It`s light in body, but there`s enough creamy citrus and apple fruit to make it a good apéritif. In this delicious, easy, medium-sweet wine, red fruit mingles with zesty lime acidity. It`s very fresh and light in character. Subdued on the nose, this is a lean, fruity Pinot marked by light raspberry and citrus notes. It feels crisp and light on the finish, with fresh acidity. This is an immediately drinkable wine, with table wines and single-quintas wines. It`s dry and crisply crisp, with raspberry, cherry and sautéed wild mushroom flavors. Spry and dry, this medium-bodied wine has modest flavors of cherries, light mocha and toasted oak. It`s not particularly complex, but easy and thirst quenching.
Wine experts say this White wine is `off track` after nine years in the cellar. It`s not a wine for the picking. The fruit is simple and generic, while the mouthfeel and fruity finish are sweeter. A simple, creamy wine, but distinctive. Shows enough earth to hold out the tannins and keep the fruit pinned down into place. The flavors of raspberries and cherries, supple with acidity and a fresh, citrus edge. This is a unique Pinot Noir for sure, with tantalizing hints of herb, light raspberry and cherry. It`s finished dry, meaning no brown sugar. Shows a real elegance and elegance, and is perfect to pair with salmon in a buttery sauce. A really nice wine, dry and tart, with raspberry, cherry, moo shu plum, sandalwood and pepper flavors. Feels luxurious and complete in the mouth, and is complex enough for casual drinking.

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