LAN Blanco

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. The aromas of cocoa, vanilla, herbs, licorice and red fruit are pleasant and up-front, while the flavors are savory and extend into the medium-length finish. Drink now for freshness. This is a no-fuss wine, but it`s dry, full-bodied and complex. The nose has a classic Russian River character, with dill, bay leaf and a gamy beef-tomato note. On the palate, the wine is decidedly dry, with bright acidity and a creamy, almost hazelnutty finish. Give it a good decant and drink now. Rounded, ripe and warm, this is a wine for lovers of dark, mysterious wines. It has weight, balanced by intense acidity, and a darkly mineral character. Give it a year to age to soften the power. Enormously ripe, as you`d expect from this famous vineyard.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with aromas of pear, melon and freshly cut grass. But the flavors stand out, with notes of green herbs and grass, and the wine feels sharp and edgy, a fine balance of tropical fruit and grassy flavors. A good go-to white for all types of southern tropical/oaky flavors. This is a really good showing for the Garnacha Blanca grape. The bouquet is fresh and not the least bit blowsy, with an emphasis on apple and pear aromas. The wine is plump, fruity and showing modest acidity, while flavors of apple and baking spices precede a finish that`s easygoing. Drink now. As a whole, this is top-shelf Malbec with weight, character and complexities. It`s also a touch gamy on the nose, with a no-miss blast of compost.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised with its full-bodied, complex fruit profile. It goes for earthiness, dry and tannic, with lots of acidity, toast and stony notes. Lots of confirmation as to what makes this so true: Unlike many Rieslings, this has a burst of refreshing acidity, making it drinkable over the near term. This is dry, crisp, fruity and forward, a good example of the modern fruity style. The wine is rich, full and mineral, with a brisk lemon-curd note that cuts through the palate. Drink now. Hints of struck flint and smoke accent lovely, silky aromas of cherry and wild red plums on this gorgeously exuberant but elegant Barolo. The palate is intensely concentrated with red cherry, blood orange and peach flavors and yet under wraps and dangerously more bitter tannins that slowly soften and blow off to reveal a softly dusty finish.

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