Илури Белое Полусладкое/Valiko

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s dry, crisply acidic and fresh with apple, lime and melon flavors. Feels just a touch flabby, with a jolt of citric acidity, but it`s a very versatile enough addition for food. This sparkling wine is light golden color, showing aromas of lemon, honey and yellow rose. The flavors are soft and straightforward, with a slightly sweet finish. A simple Chardonnay, it has strong acidity with apricot, orange and pineapple flavors. It`s long, sweet and simple, but it will work well as an apéritif. Hard cherry and spice aromas give this 100% Merlot some pungentiness around the edges. The finish brings a little green note, but it`s not too severe to complain about. This easygoing, fresh wine has plenty of acidity, light fruit and a touch of spice.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised in the off-dry style, with a full body and no hint of caramel. In fact, the palate is so blah you will not miss the fact that there is pineapple and peach fruit. What a great New World style! An outstanding Sauvignon Blanc that shows why this variety is so unique and why Barbera is such a good example. Shows a crisp citrus—and lemon and lime—theme going on, with a seductive nose of grapefruit, white peach, lemon blossom and flint. It`s spritzy and detailed, with a crisp, clean but ultimately simple palate. Based on previous vintages, this is a very good pick. This is an amazing wine that has taken on a much more elegant side than what some wineries are comfortable with.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers. It`s dry, brisk in acidity and tantalizingly fruity, with ripe gooseberry, pear, green tea and orange flavors. For those who relish slightly watery, uncomplicated drinking. Try as an interesting alternative to Sauvignon Blanc or Viognier. Gorgeous red berry and fresh herb aromas waft from the glass. The palate is bright and easy, with creamy strawberry, red cherry, fresh raspberry and just enough vanilla. It`s simple and fresh, but refreshing and certainly lives up to the vinification mantra. Drink now. This wine is soft, sweet and simple. It has too much citrus, so lets spice it up with some more oak. Fresh finish leaves an green aftertaste. There are some odd hints of green pea in the nose, and on the palate, a core of citrus—nectarine, apricot and yellow apple—is presented with bright acidity.

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