Haut Laulion Bordeaux

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine shows the weaknesses of wines from the warmer Bairrada region. The aromas are pickled and oily, while the flavors are pithy and citrus-driven. Dry and peppery, with a briny citrusy aftertaste. Orange blossom and lemon verbena notes lend sweetness and companionship to this brisk, off-dry Riesling. The palate is tart and ripe, with a honeysuckle character rising up from the glass. Bright and fruity, this is a wine to drink now. It has notes of toast, young fruit and fresh acidity. The wine is open and ready to drink. Foxen`s prestige cuvée is a classic mid-harvest, almost sweet-smelling wine with intense aromas of candied fruit, peach, orange zest and citrus. The mouthfeel is elegant and balanced with a crisp, dancing feel.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with aromas of grapefruit pith, dried peach, citrus pith and barely-ripe nectarine. It`s pretty taut and delicately styled, with lemon-lime acidity that lends edge to a finish that lingers. Mellow on the nose, with aromas of gone fog, hard spice and cracked black pepper. The big, fleshy palate tastes of baked black plum and pomegranate, with notes of cocoa and nutmeg as well as cheeky tart tannins. It`s not too big, but runs a bit asthmatic. Made in the Ojai style, with fairly high alcohol, this is flashy in kiwi and pineapple fruit, with a toasty, creaminess-laden finish. It`s a little rough around the edges, but there`s a lot of delicious, pretty fruit. This wine is a blend of local white grapes with Syrah and Albariño.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers just what consumers love about Rhône whites. Acidity, dry crispness and a rich, full body make it an excellent wine for food. It has richness, with ripe pear, peach and creme brûlée flavors. Closed and firm at this early stage, this is tight and still very young. It has dense tannins as well as a strongly mineral character that will develop as the wine matures. The acidity between the tannins and the sugars dominates. For now, the black currants and licorice flavors are dominant, but it does have a long future. Big, bold and dense, this shows intense flavors of ripe blackberry, black currant, grilled meat, pepper and sandalwood. This should eventually negotiate the next 10–15 years. A beautifully balanced, elegant wine, this is not powerful but has great balance and depth.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s dry, crisply acidic and fresh with apple, lime and kiwi fruit flavors. Feels chunky and crisp, with a mix of peach, green apple and melon notes. Will pair well with creamy or cheese-based entrées. Full-bodied wine, with ripe red berry flavors and a light hint of wood. It is ripe, touched with spice and spice and final acidity. Ready to drink now. This is a soft, creamed apple aroma, with a faint hint of spice. The taste is mild, creamy and round, consistent with acidity. Lean and tannic, this structured wine has a hard edge that looks likely will not benefit from aging. This has been a good wine for McLaren Vale. Herb, earth and dark fruit aromas sit comfortably with a bit of grip. The palate is herbaceous and citric, with roasted black-plum and currant flavors.
Wine experts say this White wine presents itself as dry and straightforward, with acidity upfront and a crisp, cleansing mouthfeel that will come into its own with food. The barrel treatment is superb, adding baking spices and giving ample suggestions of toast and espresso. Pair it with grilled octopus or tuna. The kind of wine one imagines when one breathes in grilled porcini or succulent oysters. The wine has a buttered toast nose and caramelized oak flavors, all wrapped into superb, precise acidity. But it is not heavy or forced. Outstanding. So dry and elegant, with such a deft, delicate texture, yet so explosive in fruit and toast. Bone dry, it has notes of honey, citrus, vanilla and spice. Really defines the sophisticated style of Nebbiolo. Inky and dense with concentration and dense and tannic acidity, with loads of ripe blackberry and cherry fruit.

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