Hacienda Zorita Vega-Reina Verdejo

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine shows the qualities of Oregon Pinot Gris. Its lemon, black tea, honey and spice flavors are layered with fruitiness. The acidity gives an attractive lift, but structured by strong edges of wood and citrus. The wine needs to age over three years, so drink from 2015. The Cambra Valley is the new Santa Rosa, creating a wine whose future is now assured. This full-bodied, structured Merlot-based Cabernet Sauvignon-Cabernet Franc blend is soft and full of fruit. The tannins are solid, while the acidity is very likely to calm over the next few years, so drink this solid wine from 2019. This is an intriguing wine with notes of dried herb, bold black cherry, toasted oak and peppery spice. The fruit and savory smoke and roasted meat flavors are wrapped in slightly smoky, chalky tannins.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s dry and crisp in acidity, with a tonic mouthfeel. The flavors are of fresh apricot, grapefruit and lime, and there`s a fun touch of green apple on the finish. Rounded, ripe and smoky, this is a dark style, structured for aging. Solid tannins and dark plum fruits give the wine a solid structure, with room to darken and darken. It will be better from 2018. A fresh and fruity wine, this is packed with citrus and sliced-apple flavors and finished with a reverberating acidity. It has weight and a strongly perfumed character that needs to age. Drink from 2018. This is an attractively perfumed wine with Malvasia Fina and Mourvèdre in the mix. It has red-fruit flavors, crisp acidity and a light to medium finish. The wine is fresh and ready to drink.
Wine experts say this White wine shows the wild side of Priorato. It has complex notes of exotic fruit, gooseberries, citrus, vitamins and grass. It`s a wine for the long-term, a great steak wine. This is dry, crisp in acidity and complex in flavors, with enormously ripe Meyer lemon, lime, pineapple and white pepper flavors. It was aged in 30% new French oak. A ripe, smooth, toasty wine, very textured, with yellow fruits, pears and flavors of green fruits, exotic spices. The wine is just beginning, but already showing maturity. Except for a taste of citrus und sugar, this is a rich, widely available wine. It`s weighty, full-bodied and drinkable as a warm weather rosé. Saucy aromas of balsamic reductionists and black pepper are welcoming. This feels solid and moderately dense, with baked berry, herb, spice and chocolate flavors.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers just what it should be. It`s luscious and saturated but never heavy or overpowering, with ripe blackberry, chocolate and fig flavors. It`s dry and smooth in the mouth, and has good intensity, but there`s not much going on below the surface. Drink after 2018. This wine is pure Cabernet Sauvignon, all the parts are there, but the fruit is4/50 Merlot. It`s tarry, earthy and smelling like green tea, and like green raspberry and cherry juice. It`s luscious, full-bodied and lush, but with too many tannins to quit? Perhaps it`s the fault of the winemaker, but the wine is still very good, so give it 3–4 years to let the dark purple fruits come into focus.

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