El Circo, Malabarista Macabeo, Carinena DO

$ 8.19 $ 7
750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine presents a complete success. It`s dry, full bodied and softly tannic, with complex cherry, cola, spice and beef jerky flavors. Give it a quick decant and drink now. Soft, fruity and light bodied, with touches of toast, pepper and spice. The wine offers plump cherry in the velvety mouth and a nice inflection of acidity. Drink now. A good Zinfandel, dry, crisp in acidity and complex, from start to finish. It has ripe berry and currant flavors, and is soft. This is a gentle, fruity wine, with toast and sweet berry flavors. It`s sweet, but crisp in acidity, and needs some more aging. Ripe, juicy, apple-driven wine, immediately attractive. Shows modest Barr`s palate at once, but brisk lemon and tangerine flavors keep it lively.

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