Gavi di Gavi Varej

$ 13.44 $ 12
750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with ripe fruit and plenty of oak. Drink it now. A touch of kirsch and concentrated toastiness make for a racy, easy-drinking opening. The wine is plump and roundly fruity, with ripe, forward tropical fruit and a hint of bell pepper on the palate. Drink now. Aromas of Band-Aid and dried herbs lead to medium-bodied fruit flavors with a chocolaty, pleasing finish. A creamy hint of glycerine lends a soft, easy approach to this light-bodied, perfumed and unisex wine. The palate is smooth and ripe, and it comes with a pleasant palate feel and a mild finish. The main estate wine from Chocapalha, this is firm, with a solid structure. However, the ripe fruitiness along with its black plum jelly flavors are up to the structured fruit.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with aromas of apricot, pineapple and fresh tangerine. Omniwines Imports, with the express intention of producing cheese and nuts. Drink as soon as possible. Fairly medium-bodied, with hints of toast and Amalfi lemon zest to go with peach and grassy notes. Drink as soon as possible, but not too cold. A fresh, crisp wine, but one that has some richness, and considerable spice, green plum fruits and a tight final character. It will be a fine apéritif wine. An attractive, perfumed wine that has a good, tight, dry structure, open fruits, some fresh acidity and light at the end. It is light, fresh and ready to drink. There is plenty of spirit, quite a different from territory in a very eastern-looking, unique wine from Jadot`s range.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised despite the noticeable sweetness. Citrus zest and florals notes are wrapped into a medium-weight midpalate, the texture framing the long, citrusy finish. Drink now–2017. Ripe aromas of prune and blackberry come with a mild whiff of charred oak buttery spice. A flush, rich, chewy palate follows the nose, with lush flavors of blackberry, dark plum and raisin. A cocoa note closes the finish. From the Bernkasteler Layered grape, this rich, wood-aged wine is ripe and smooth. It has a crisply mineral texture, an almost rigid one that needs to be aged. From vines on the hillsides above the valley floor, it has ripe red berry and plum flavors that are soft and generous. It`s ready to drink.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with aromas of honey, peach blossom and exotic fruit. It`s almost sweet, but good enough to avoid an excessive pairing that`s not fully appreciated. It has nice weight but remains a bit flat in the mouth in terms of acidity, with a wash of fruit skins and nutty flavors. Still, it`s a pretty nice Pinot Noir to drink now. Neutral on the nose, except for a hint of apple. Feels good and basic, with fresh acidity and nice flavors of nectarine and orange. Short but mild on the finish. Tastes vegetal and tired. The wine is losing its pineapple and pear fruit, and there is not much. Smells muddled and not very ripe. The palate is shrill and metallic. The finish loses its fruit character and tastes dilute. Not a good Cabernet, which is thin on the bouquet and thin on the finish.

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