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750 ml

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Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised as ending with a tight, minerally and herbal frame. In fact, the acidity is very high and the finish is racy and unctuous. Still, there`s enough Dry Chardonnay to give it some gravitas. A crisp medium-bodied wine, very Ervamoira-like in its crisp lemon and lime flavors with just a hint of spice and herbs showing piquant notes. It has some richness, goes down easy. The wine is bright and fruity, with an attractive light tang of red berry and a touch of sweet almond. It has a dry character, a strongly mineral character, a background of taut acidity. Screwcap. The Nakedus is the current release from this château-style estate in Margaux, a region that seems to get lost. The wine is lean, fresh and lightly herbaceous.

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