Fiano di Avellino Masseria

$ 10.26 $ 9
750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s dry and crisp, with pleasant citrus, pear, and fig flavors offset by a green, grassy note. Clean and refreshing, with a short, green finish. In this case, vegetal aromas outweigh fruit-driven flavors. anything but vegetal. The wine in this case is on the thin side, but overall it`s pleasant, friendly, and easy. This was the winery`s first vintage under its new owners, Brian and Stephanie Hahn, and it`s a solid big, fruity, forward effort that`s both elegant and bold. Pencil shavings scented through to the finish, this is a nuanced, smoky expression of slightly sour cola and raspberry. Minerally apple aromas are basic and flat. This mixes stonefruit and citrus flavors, then finishes with a faded impression of citrus.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised because it`s dry, clean and vital in terms of mouthfeel, with exuberant tropical pineapple, guava and honeysuckle flavors. Delicious on its own, but would be a little more accessible. The grapes used for this Zin are sourced from the excellent, closed, 100% old-vine plantings at Diamond Creek Vineyard. The wine is clean, but nuanced with fresh acids and green-flower aromas. It`s herbaceous, but quite dry, with notes of green pepper and green melon rind. It`s floral and fruity, with a toasty character, sweet berry and black plum flavors and firm tannins. The acidity is a major player, but the wine is quite clean and balanced, and the finish hints at black currant flavors. Great winery for fans of unoaked Chards. It`s floral and fruity, with a touch of toast and opulent fruit.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised with its full-bodied intensity of apple and melon. Lighter in body than might be expected given the label, the fruit is forward and ripe, with a bit of tropically, notably tropical, leaning toward sweet. The finish is short but clean. Aged entirely in stainless steel tanks, this combines lemon peel and white pepper flavors with a generous vein of effervescence. There is a nice lift of bitter earth at the core and a light overlay of fruit skins, resulting in a wine that`s light, appetizing and mouthwatering. This blend of 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, Black Pepper and Fenestra is dense and seriously rich. The nose is very peachy, rose-breathing and floral, and the palate is dense, viscous and fully acidic.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it`s shown. It`s creamy and malleable, with sunny apple fruit, a stony, chalky edge and then the citrus zest. The acidity is high, but is also balanced out by the length. Full bodied and bold, this wine shows off the fruit of the vintage. It shows off Pinot Grigio, spice, leather, wild berry, cherry and licorice flavors, and there is a pretty floral quality to the ripe fruit. However, the tannins are somewhat thin, so opt for drinking after 2012. Quinteto Rabaje is a simple, Sangiovese-based wine with small percentages of Alicante and Provence that shows rustic aromas of rust and dirt. The wine is wound up and tight in the mouth, with racy, spicy cherry fruit. Fresh, forward and smooth.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with aromas of apricot, pineapple and ripe peach. Omniwines Distribution, Lodi, Napa Valley. This is a dry, tannic and a bit austere in style, but it does an excellent job at an easygoing vineyard like De Loach`s. It has peach, citrus and herb flavors, and feels broad on the palate. Green apple and lemon pith aromas are friendly and direct but hard and tannic. This feels juicy and saturated, with Syrah`s own herbaceousness. Flavors of nettle and stone fruits finish fresh but slightly abrasive, while this ends with a dose of brine and salt. A fairly priced varietal wine, this shows currant, raspberry, blood orange and caramel candy aromas. The palate is smooth, elegant and would pair with quiche or lasagna with sweet red fruits.

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