Dominio de Punctum, Lanesta, Airen semidulce, Tierra Castilla

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. The aromas of cocoa, vanilla, herbs, licorice and red fruit are pleasant and up-front, while the flavors are savory and extend into the medium-length finish. Drink now for freshness. This is a no-fuss wine, but it`s dry, full-bodied and complex. The nose has a classic Russian River character, with dill, bay leaf and a gamy beef-tomato note. On the palate, the wine is decidedly dry, with bright acidity and a creamy, almost hazelnutty finish. Give it a good decant and drink now. Rounded, ripe and warm, this is a wine for lovers of dark, mysterious wines. It has weight, balanced by intense acidity, and a darkly mineral character. Give it a year to age to soften the power. Enormously ripe, as you`d expect from this famous vineyard.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it`s shown. It`s crisp in acidity, with ripe flavors of citrus, exotic fruit, green tea, honey and vanilla. The alcohol is low, making it clean and zesty. This is a sound Pinot, but for all the flavors it`s not particularly traditional in structure, flavor or feel. It`s dry and peppery, with some green tannins and a bit of sharpness. The raspberry, red currant, cola and silk-solution flavors are good. There`s a peppy ease to the aromas of this bottling, with red plum, currant and wet stones. The palate is round yet lean and linear, with more of an acidic backbone than fruit. The acidity is refreshing, and it finishes warm. The wine shows how well this variety thrives in Lodi.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s clean and crisp in acidity, with lemon, apple and spice flavors. Don`t expect extra layers of complexity or nuance but just enjoy what you enjoy. Identified only as “The Blend,” the winery`s reserve, this blend is mostly Syrah, with a dash of Mourvèdre and a bit of Grenache. Big, full, forward and spicy, it`s a well-crafted wine with a distinctive flavor mix of licorice, roasted meat and black tea. The fruit is still subdued and quite stemmy, suggesting that cellaring may be just right now. With a high proportion of Mourvèdre in the blend, this is a structured wine, with a rich black-fruit character as well as tannins. The wine is herbal, spicy and likely to age over the next 4–5 years.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s dry, brisk in acidity and ultrarefined, offering stony citrus notes, some with a hint of green, some with a dash of lemon. So if you like your Sauvignon Blancs from Moscatel in a soft, acid-rich wine, this is your wine. The acidity will play well with you, but the minerality is characteristic of Dry Creek Zinfandel. Rounded, ripe and smoky, this is a rich example of Zinfandel. It is full of ripe berry and spicy herb flavors that are partnered with soft tannins and fresh acidity. The wine is ready to drink. Lychee, lemon and violet aromas include a note of egg white. Light and soft, this Viura-Malvasia blend is citrusy and dry on the palate, with flavors of lychee, nectarine and melon. Drink now.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers. It`s dry, brisk in acidity and savory, with fully oaked, modern flavors of raspberry and cherry that heft and power. A smoky note gives the wine anise and vanilla that carry through on the finish. This blend of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon has good concentration and pretty aromas of cherry, currant, moist earth and tobacco. It delivers a big surprise overall. Enticing aromas of wild berry, moist earth, leather and spice lead the nose of this white. On the smooth, easygoing palate, notes of star anise and clove accent a core of dried red cherry and raspberry. Easygoing and enjoyable. Berry and cassis aromas are top-heavy and earthy. This feels a bit choppy, with a spicy aftertaste. Flavors of plum and currant are good, while the finish is fresh, lasting and more like a Garnacha.

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