Cono Sur Single Vineyard Chardonnay

$ 24.64 $ 22
750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised as an elegant, supple, creamy wine with a slight softness and normal cherry and blackberry flavors along with lots of acid. A Chardonnay with an easygoing disposition, this has a broad, waxy character and neutral citrus flavors that surface as neutral corn and apple skins. The finish is clean and citrusy. A Chardonnay with plenty of oak and vanilla to go with ripe, buttery, vanilla-laced pineapples and pears. It`s a luscious, luscious wine with a little smoky vanilla on the finish. Soft and lush in the mouth, with a pretty good concentration of red fruit and spice flavors. Easy to drink, and a little expensive for the quality. This is a slightly sweet Port, perhaps a touch overripe, with sun-kissed lemon and apricot flavors and sharp acidity.
Wine experts say this White wine presents a complete and unnuanced wine. There are herbal, leafy notes of anise and the ripest raspberry fruit offers plenty of punch. It just lacks the tannin-acid structure to match the fresh, juicy fruit. This is a solid Pinot, dry and crisp, with rich cherry, cola and oak flavors. It has a rich, granite-textured finish. Drink now. The vineyard is one of the stars in Marlborough. The wine does show some big tannins, though, like the blackberry and cherry flavors, and the sweet, smoky finish. Drink it over the next several years. A solid Pinot Noir, dry and crisp in acidity, with delicious flavors of raspberries, cherries, cola and sandalwood. Drink now. Saturated in color almost to the point of opaque.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised with its full-bodied intensity of apple and melon. Lighter in body than might be expected given the label, the fruit is forward and ripe, with a bit of tropically, notably tropical, leaning toward sweet. The finish is short but clean. Aged entirely in stainless steel tanks, this combines lemon peel and white pepper flavors with a generous vein of effervescence. There is a nice lift of bitter earth at the core and a light overlay of fruit skins, resulting in a wine that`s light, appetizing and mouthwatering. This blend of 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, Black Pepper and Fenestra is dense and seriously rich. The nose is very peachy, rose-breathing and floral, and the palate is dense, viscous and fully acidic.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised, with a robust nose of citrus and grapefruit. Crisp but clean upatic fruit and a fresh but not overpowering balance make it a pleasure to drink. Strongly oaked Chardonnay flavors play nicely with the oak, ending on a zesty note. This is a smooth, clean, fruity wine with a good depth of flavor. Pineapple and peach notes blend easily into a more oaky, fruity character. The aftertaste also brings some oomph and grace. Pressed apple and pear aromas are mellow, just a bit harsh and neutral. This feels fresh, stony and competent. Raw standard white peach and green melon flavors finish fresh, with a basic barrel note to them. Some earthy, feral aromas lead to a simple, fresher, more personalityuated wine.

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