Chateau Loumelat, Blanc, Bordeaux, AOC

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it`s presented. It starts off with strong floral aromas, then comes huge Gigantic overtones that dominate the palate. Firmly tannic in the mouth, the oak is overwhelming, which gives the wine a sandpapery taste. Finishes chocolaty and ripe. Very nice from an extreme coastal Pinot Noir. Very ripe, rich in fruits, sweet, even over all blackberry and cherry jam, soft in the mouth. There are some problems, but not too much. Drink now. Good, rich, oaky Cabernet. It`s a little sweet, showing blackberries, cherries and currants, with a smoky, flabby coating of sweet oak. The tannins are refined and there`s a fine streak of minerality. The name of this wine doesn`t lie; it`s a showy, jammy, sweet old-fashioned Viognier.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it`s shown. It`s crisp in acidity and elegantly structured, with honeyed flavors of apple, pear and melon. In the mouth, it`s brisk and appealing, finishing slightly bitter. Pair now with richer fare, like grilled shrimp. This is a serviceable, if nondescript Tempranillo, with decent palate maturation time and measured tastes of mild citrus and green fruit. On the finish, it`s pointed and sharp. Initial oxidation sends up scents of iodine and sulfur. Flavors of almond skins and corn chips are friendly, while the finish is zesty and low on pulse. Stalky and tough, almost like a Grenache Blanc, with tart tannins and rhubarb flavors. It`s rustic in ripeness and rather dry, which suggests its being nondescript, bland, sweet and like toasted Zinfandel. Peach and melon aromas are simple and clean.

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