Bodegas Naia Las Brisas Blend

$ 7.5 $ 6
750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine shows the qualities of Oregon Pinot Gris. Its lemon, black tea, honey and spice flavors are layered with fruitiness. The acidity gives an attractive lift, but structured by strong edges of wood and citrus. The wine needs to age over three years, so drink from 2015. The Cambra Valley is the new Santa Rosa, creating a wine whose future is now assured. This full-bodied, structured Merlot-based Cabernet Sauvignon-Cabernet Franc blend is soft and full of fruit. The tannins are solid, while the acidity is very likely to calm over the next few years, so drink this solid wine from 2019. This is an intriguing wine with notes of dried herb, bold black cherry, toasted oak and peppery spice. The fruit and savory smoke and roasted meat flavors are wrapped in slightly smoky, chalky tannins.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s dry, crisp in acidity and ultrarefined, with pleasant citrus, peach, honey and spice flavors. This is dry, but its underripe, tropical fruit flavors give it juiciness. It will be better if aged for another year, so drink from 2016. This full-bodied rosé has ripe berry and orange-peel aromas and then a broad, broad midpalate. A touch of herbal snap or bitterness shows on the finish. Ripe, full-bodied wine, spiced with nutmeg and dark chocolate, with a deep core of blackberry fruit. The texture is smooth, rich and supple. This dark wine has ripe berry and evocative plum aromas.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as promised with its full-bodied and floral aromas, its rich fruit flavors and the full structure of the estate wine. Editors like the zesty style, which seems to get sweeter with each passing year. Cheerful, bright and fresh on the bouquet, with dry aromas of raw grapes and white grapes, then layered with green, herbal notes and a touch of red-fruit richness. In the mouth, it`s tight and crisp. A good rendition of Chilean Cabernet, by contrast. It`s pure Rosenblum, not a blend, but a well-made, distinctive white wine. There is, in fact, a curious petrol aroma to the nose, the palate moving quickly from botrytis to astringency on the finish. The finish, though, is long and slightly stalky. Not a great wine, but nicely done. Imported by America Uncorked.
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as it`s shown. It`s crisp in acidity and elegantly structured, with honeyed flavors of apple, pear, buttered toast and vanilla. The length and detail is impressive. The Dubard family`s organic vineyards have produced a ripe, intensely perfumed wine. It has just the right edge of freshness to offer white fruits and some toast, while also having a tangy lime acidity and texture. It`s delicate in constitution, but very poised, with a cool future in its place. Keep until the end of 2014. Camarato is a beautiful style of wine that seems to be missing its fruit. There`s a light, soft but ultimately flat finish. The fruit is still being gathered behind the firm tannins and tight acidity. The latest release from the partnership between the Roquette family of Quinta do Crasto in the Douro and the Cazes of Burgundy. It is crisp, perfumed and spicy.
Wine experts say this White wine presents itself as dry and straightforward, with acidity upfront and a good mouthfeel to support the grapefruit, apple and pear flavors. It`s demure in concentration but makes up the bulk of what used to be known as “dry.” There are some problems here, beginning with a sandpapery haze that persists into murky toodynamic tannins. The bouquet is a bit piercing and narrow, with a hole in the middle. As it opens, there`s easy notes of raspberry and black plum, while the finish is more of the same. That`s good for $8 red wines. A new wine from Poggio Antico, this Spanish red wine has good concentration and a crisp, fruity aftertaste. With its green highlights, it`s shot through with good acidity that comes through as a firm, solid character. This is a fresh and very pleasant red wine, with a wholesome, flowery character.

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