Banrock Station, Chardonnay 2014

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this White wine delivers as advertised. It`s clean and crisp in acidity, with lemon, lime, peach and spice flavors. Composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, with a trace of Petit Verdot, it`s forward and likable. Drink this summer with fish and salads. Opens with a pretty pink color and heavy aromas of red berry fruit, spice, almond paste and red flower. It feels solid and full, with polished tannins and flavors of pepper, plum, herb and currant. The finish is long and lingering. Pair with richer seafood dishes. This is a proper yet full-strung Cabernet, with crisp blackberry fruit and tannins. Seems to be offering its best now, almost too young. Be careful when opening it; its best days in cellar should soon be over.
Wine experts say this White wine presents itself as dry and straightforward, with acidity upfront and a good mouthfeel to support the grapefruit, apple and pear flavors. It`s demure in concentration but makes up the bulk of what used to be known as “dry.” There are some problems here, beginning with a sandpapery haze that persists into murky toodynamic tannins. The bouquet is a bit piercing and narrow, with a hole in the middle. As it opens, there`s easy notes of raspberry and black plum, while the finish is more of the same. That`s good for $8 red wines. A new wine from Poggio Antico, this Spanish red wine has good concentration and a crisp, fruity aftertaste. With its green highlights, it`s shot through with good acidity that comes through as a firm, solid character. This is a fresh and very pleasant red wine, with a wholesome, flowery character.

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